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2000 mitsubishi galant 2000 mitsubishi galant
2000 mitsubishi galant 2000 mitsubishi galant
2000 mitsubishi galant 2000 mitsubishi galant
2000 mitsubishi galant 2000 mitsubishi galant
2000 mitsubishi galant 2000 mitsubishi galant
2000 mitsubishi galant 2000 mitsubishi galant
    2000 Mitsubishi Galant Review, SPETZNAZ

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?I only have 2000 characters to describe this cars weaknesses? I need more... a lot more.

Remember, its not just the car, its the company!
 General comments?NOTE: I might be off on the time but the car had about 20k on it when we got it and it now has 71k.

A few years ago I got a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant. All the test that people did on this car said it was a good car and was worth the money.

Several months after I got the car, I noticed a small rattle. I could not figure out where it was comming from. So I took it to the dealership. The good news was that it was still considered new and they would fix it for free. That was part of the reason I got it.

Well, after a few tries and a week or two, they figured it out. It was a broken flex plate. A flex plate is kinda like a fly wheel but it is not as thick and it is for an automatic.

They replaced the converter and the flex plate and all was good. A year and a half later (give or take) The rattle came back. This time the dealer said there were too many miles on it fo rthem to fix it. I put about 30 - 40 k on the car in that time.

I opend the hood to see if it was something I can fix and guess what I found.

I found several bolts missing from the bell housing to the block and one that wasnt even all the way in. I got under the car and pulled off the dust cover and there it was. Yet another cracked flex plate.

I called the dealer and explained to them, after they said no again, that when the car was in warranty they didnt fix the problem, they fixed the effect. They should do the right thing and fix what was causing the flex plate to crack. The service writer called the national Mitsubishi rep to get permision to do this. He said no. His reasons were this...

He said "He must have been hot roding the car".

I am 32 years old and I have 2 kids. I picked this car because of the kids. It has a 4cyl in it and its a 4 door. If you have any idea what a flex plate is, you know it is not possible to crack one from the power of this car.

In fact, when I was younger and I was in to hot rodding cars, I have never broken a flex plate. I have broken u-joints, drive shafts, yolks and even riped the lug nutt holes on a 69 Mercury with the studs but I have never broken a flex plate from hitting the gas too hard.

So, from this one must assume one or two things.

Mitsubishi makes a crap car that they will not fix after you get it.

Mitsubishi doesnt care about their customers.

Mitsubishi makes a car that cant take every day driving and can not take hitting the gas.

That last one IS what the national service rep implied. Lets say I did hot rod this car, I didnt, but lets say I did. Its not a break pad or a timing chain. Its a flex plate. Thats like teling me my doors fall off because I take off too fast.

So if I am to go along with what this rep says, then Mitsubishi makes a crap car and I will never pay for one again. I also suggest that if you know someone and you care for their safty, dont let them buy one or even ride in one. Who knows... the motor might fall out if the driver turns up the radio too loud!

If anyone wants to ask me more about this car or my dealings with Mitsubishi, ask the site admin to pass along my email to you or you can track me down at


I also posted this on my forums.

 Previous carNothing. I have never owned crap this bad. Ok, I did one time. It was an AMC hornet that would not fire on 2 pistons... ever. Oh and it killed its self by leaking fuel and it burned up.

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